CORPORATE SOCIal responsibility


MZ Liberec stands for social responsibility and ensures that its activities do not harm or abuse the environment, builds positive long-term relationships with suppliers or partners and provides a high level of working conditions for its employees.


Pilíře sociální odpovědnosti firem 


The company is also involved in various social activities that help develop the community in the surrounding area. We support social clubs and non-profit organizations in our region. An example is the sponsorship of the football club and karate club in Rudnik, the village where MZ Liberec has its headquarters and production plant. In the near future, we plan to support selected social facilities with financial donations.



We are proud to support the karate club in Rudnik. We believe that this environment is a great opportunity for young people to develop their physical and mental abilities and together we plan to grow this community.


We are delighted to be able to help a local football club develop their young talent and give them the support they need to achieve their goals. Together we will continue to develop football in our town.