MZ Liberec, Inc. provides a comprehensive customer service of the highest quality (from mapping of the conditions, through tailored project elaboration, proposal of the supply up to its implementation) and permanently takes care of the flawless operation of its technology delivered around the world.

 MZ Liberec, Inc. continues the tradition of distribution of medical and industrial gases, dating back to 1958. The company designs, manufactures, supplies and installs distribution systems of medical and industrial gases. An integral part of the manufacturing program are end units of the distribution systems such as Bed Head Units, Medical beams, Ceiling Pendants and other health care devices, which are used for equipping operating rooms, intensive care units, anaesthesiology and resuscitation departments and standard inpatient wards throughout the world. The company also secures supplies and assembling of the sources of medical gases, e.g. oxygen generator, compressor, vacuum, reducing and evaporation station.


In 2010 MZ Liberec, Inc. made a significant financial investment into the reconstruction of the industrial complex in Rudnik, Podkrkonosi (also known as Giant Mountains), where the whole production of the company was subsequently moved. The aim of the transformation and consecutive moving into a modern complex in Rudnik is increasing of the production capacity and ensuring fast and quality supplies for our customers.

Currently, the company MZ Liberec, Inc. with its number of employees and annual turnover is the largest company in the Czech Republic within its specialization. Apart from the supply and installation within the Czech Republic, MZ Liberec, Inc. performs deliveries to major medical facilities in almost 40 countries around the world.

Quality products, professionalism of employees and production capacity of the company guarantees the perfect supplies from the design through installation up to the after sales services. MZ Liberec, Inc. is a solid and long-term partner for medical professionals around the world.